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We believe in the therapeutic benefits of coloring and its ability to promote relaxation and mindfulness. We are happy to have you here.

Photo of Katlyn Layl

I stumbled upon an unexpected path that led me to the enchanting world of coloring books. How did I find myself on this colorful journey? Let me share my story.

I suffered from 2 herniated disc that almost left me paralyzed and underwent back surgery with a massive blood clot. Recovery was complicated, scary and SLOW. Being stuck in bed and out of work was mentally and physically much harder than I ever expected. Imagine not being able to sit for 5+ months…it was wild and tested my sanity. I got bored, really really bored and desperately needed something productive to fill my time. Friends brought by care packages and I received a few coloring books. I thought to myself, "Why not create my own coloring book?" My goal was set—to create a coloring book and color it. This was the best thing I could have done for my mental health. It gave me a daily dose of distraction from my rough reality and left me feeling accomplished. Creating these characters filled me with sheer delight. Little did I know that this initial spark would set off a chain reaction, leading to something truly wonderful.

Artistic Animal Adventures is a cheerful and creative company dedicated to helping individuals express themselves through art. We are passionate about offering unique products that bring joy, inspiration, and fun into people's lives. Our mission is to provide tools that motivate individuals to explore their creativity while encouraging mental health and overall wellbeing. With our vibrant colors, realistic detailing, and imaginative designs, we offer an escape from the everyday routine. Everyone has something special to share with the world – just like our characters! By connecting people with these adventuresome animals we strive to spark meaningful experiences that leave lasting impressions on both artist and artwork alike.




Mowgli is the purrfect combination of chonkiness, laziness, and artistic genius! He has a profound love for long naps, lazy lounging and endless cuddles. He thrives to curl up in the most inconvenient yet adorable positions typically on top of the mouse, laptop, coloring books or whatever else you were using. Mowgli's Motto "The more you snooze, the more ideas you'll infuse!"


Shiner is our lovable chunk of cuddles. He greets everyone with a warm welcome, spreading happiness and laughter wherever he goes. His gentle snuggles and calming presence inspire creativity and tranquility. He has transformed his laziness into an art form, reminding us all that sometimes the greatest creations come from a state of absolute comfort.




Pickles, the wiggly, warm-hearted, love bug. His infectious positivity lifts the spirits of everyone around him, reminding us to embrace each moment with a playful and carefree attitude. His gentle nature and unconditional love create a warm and nurturing environment for all. His wiggles and wagging tail are like strokes of imagination, infusing our coloring books with a touch of happiness.

Little lady.png

Prepare to be charmed by the mischievous antics and squeaky delights of Little Lady. She has a particular fondness for knocking pens and pencils off tables, considering herself a self-proclaimed calligrapher of chaos. She loves to be nourished with copious amounts of catnip, providing the essential fuel for her creative endeavors and spontaneous parkour.


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